Do you plan to sell soon? Your home requires a little cost? Here are three ideas to add value to your home, without having to break the bank.

Clearly, it’s about investing smartly, spending small amounts on jobs that can earn you much more. But what are the areas to be treated first?

Efficient and maintained chassis

This is one of the first criteria for potential buyers, in general: does the house have powerful chassis and well maintained? If you do not have double glazing, consider investing. Not only will your home be more attractive to buyers, it will also require less energy, which will impact both your portfolio and the EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings) certificate. If you have wooden frames, consider giving them a touch of new via a paint or stain: you will extend their life and the appearance of your home will benefit from this youthfulness.

Repaint the facade

This is obviously the first element that potential buyers will see. A small roll is not necessarily very expensive, even if you use a team of professionals, and the result will transform the appearance of your home. Think about it! If your facade is brick, clean it thoroughly, or ask the pros to sand it if it is too advanced.

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen is the center piece of the house. It is also a play whose importance is ever more important. So of course, redo a kitchen from A to Z, it imposes a consequent budget. But this is usually found in the selling price. If your home allows it, think of the central island communicating with the living room!

The bathroom, a piece of relaxation par excellence, must be the favorite of potential buyers. No need to spend money, but think of a welcoming, clean place that can be quickly heated.

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