Lumiére Telluride: Past, Present, and Future

When I first visited Telluride some 25+ years ago, I had an experience that made it one of my favorite places in the States. I dropped into a small bar, hopped on a barstool, and ordered a beer. Shortly thereafter, a large dog jumped on the barstool beside me and was promptly served a bowl of beer. That’s when I knew Telluride was a special town.

I mentioned this to Crystal, a Telluride native and delightful server at Allred’s, a wonderful restaurant easily accessible from Lumiére. Crystal reminded me that the dog, Zudnick, a 190 lb. or so behemoth, was the constant companion of a local skiing icon, Scott Kennett, who appeared in many skiing movies with Zudnick racing down the hills behind him. Legend has it that Zudnick regularly needed to wear a safety vest so he wouldn’t be mistaken for a bear by Telluride’s residents and visitors.

Much has changed in Telluride in the intervening years. It is still majestic in its scenery, resting in a box canyon deep in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Nestled in an amphitheater of 14,000 foot peaks, it lures nature lovers, festival goers, ski enthusiasts, Hollywood’s elite and Fortune 500s year in and year out. It’s not just the breathtaking vistas, the world-class skiing and the heritage mining town that draws a discerning crowd.

Lumiére Hotel, sadly, wasn’t there 25+ years ago. Had it been, it would have been my only choice for lodging. From the moment you enter its lightly scented hallways, you know you are in for a top-shelf experience. Concierges Julia and Camille are readily available to answer your questions and see to it that your every need is fulfilled. And they do so with such pleasantness and poise that I think it would be hard to phase them with any request. Bellmen Jack and Phil could not have been nicer or more informative, and I’m grateful to both of them for easing our stay through their hard work.

Lumiére really is a destination within a destination. You can stay in and enjoy its wonderful and many amenities, or  step outside and be greeted by soaring peaks in shades of luminescent green in summer, wild flowers in spring, golden hues in fall and glistening white snow caps in winter.



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