From 9-15 October, youngsters in Luxembourg can attend free workshops organised by a certified coach to foster their self-esteem and to become the leaders of the future.

It will be the 2nd edition of the “Global Youth Initiative week”organised by John Maxwell Team, a leadership and management coaching company based in the US.

The event targets youngsters between the age of 8 and 18, and will be divided into four programmes: developing a positive self-image, learning to fail forward to success, stand up to stop bullying, and building a strong personal character. The workshops are designed to help with school, with later work life and even with daily conversations with adults and friends.

The coach for this event, Annica Törneryd, is the only John Maxwell leadership coach in the grand duchy. She told Delano on Tuesday 5 September about one of the interactive workshops during the first edition, in 2016:

“I brought a piece of wood, a hammer and some nails and we talked about the conversations they had with others or themselves. Every time they said something negative, a nail needed to be hammered into the board, to show what it felt like when they said something bad to someone else. Even when they came back, apologised and pulled the nail out, there was still a hole. Every action, word or thought will make an impact on someone’s life.”

Törneryd added that she was shocked to learn how low the self-esteem of youth in Luxembourg was. She identified two main causes for this social pattern: the excessive use of smartphones and the lack of self-talk programmes in schools.

The Global Youth Initiative thus aims to rebuild youth’s low self-esteem, but also to nurture their relationships with others. The event will be held over six weeks with 3-hour sessions each time. Between 10 to 14 participants can attend a workshop.

During the event week, there will be a free surprise for all youth attending one of her workshops. Compiled and created especially for them, Törneryd has written an ebook that features great thoughts and wisdom to encourage youngsters.

The workshops will be free and be financed by sponsors. Törneryd said that, as a volunteer, she is not in it for the money, but wanted to be a listener and helper to future leaders of society.

Interested participants, sponsors and people with suitable venues can contact Törneryd by email:


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