994x385_property-investing-in-the-secondaries-market.jpg.jpgSmart building infrastructure could help landlords compete for tenants in the near future.

Building automation would allow facility managers to monitor, measure and control capabilities of equipment and indoor environments. This means inefficiencies and necessary repairs could be caught and managed in a timely manner, saving both money and time. This could also prevent potential tenant complaints. Internet of Things technology is expected to be used to collect and share data from staff and tenant devices, and potentially even control them in order to reduce human errors that can cause maintenance issues. Smart building infrastructure has already been implemented in some buildings in the form of utility submetering and equipment monitoring, including HVAC, boilers, printers, air quality sensors, refrigeration monitoring and more. The trend is likely to filter down to the commercial real estate industry as landlords use IoT information to compete by providing prospective tenants with data on building performance

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