Buying real estate in Luxembourg by foreigners

Foreigners have no restrictions on buying Luxembourg real estate, although buyers should be aware of the applicable property transaction fees and taxes.

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There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Luxembourg and the home buying system is generally similar to many other EU countries, although high demand and property costs create some implications. Home ownership levels in Luxembourg are high with more than 2/3 of residents owning their own ptoperty, although half of foreigners initially rent in Luxembourg.

Should you rent or buy real estate in Luxembourg?

Some buyers might be discouraged from purchasing in Luxembourg due to the costs involved. While the market is no longer booming, house prices remain high as do transaction fees generally 3% (brokerage fees)

While government assistance is available for some homebuyers, house deposits tend to be high in Luxembourg at around 20–30 percent and you’ll also need to factor in additional property taxes (such as registration tax and transcipt tax) on top of the purchase price.

The average property price per square metre in Luxembourg is around€ 4.550. Thecapital city typically has the highest prices € 6.500, closely followed by Bertrange € 5.775and Strassen around €5.633around. The capital city typically has the highest prices € 6.500, closely followed by Bertrange € 5.775 and Strassen € 5.633. A studio flat in Luxembourg costs around EUR 280.000, and a two-bedroom apppartment around €650.000.

A capital gains tax is also applicable if you sell your property within

two years, which is halved if you sell your property after two years. Thus foreigners with shorter term investment plans might reconsider the benefits of buying property in Luxembourg.


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