Real Estate Structure

Luxembourg real estate investment vehicles may be used by institutional investors, real estate promoters, developers or private investors.

Indeed, many Luxembourg real estate companies are set up:

  • to acquire land or buildings

  • to hold, develop, refurbish and/or let

  • to create real estate private equity

  • for buy-to-let projects

  • to hold a participation in another real estate company

Luxembourg real estate vehicles can be separated into regulated and unregulated vehicles.

Regulated real estate vehicles are used to collect funding from public or private placement:

  • Part I Funds for public distribution

  • Part II Funds for private placement

Non regulated vehicles are:

Investors in Luxembourg real estate vehicles may have different aims depending on their status, such as:

  • Institutional investors,- for example real estate funds, insurance companies, real estate private equity firms – who generally invest in real estate in Luxembourg or abroad to let the properties directly or through a special purpose vehicle

  • Private investors and family offices who generally use the Luxembourg Company as their investment vehicle to acquire properties and manage their portfolios

  • Developers and promoters who generally set up a SOPARFI in Luxembourg to purchase land, develop a building, and sell their interest in the company after completion of the project.

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