About us

Yous Real Estate is a luxembourg-based Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Consulting Group providing services to clients who want to establish their operations and/or structures in Luxembourg

Our team is composed of professionals who have an experience of a minimum of 5 years in real estate services, including: marketing and the search for commecial permises and offices, investment consulting, Property Management, Valuation, sustainable development and the the preparation of real estate strategies. 

Of course you can also sell or buy or let  residential properties, apartments and studios with us.We are proud to say that today we have the biggest choice in properties and flats to rent in Luxembourg http://www.yous.lu/en/ .

Yous Real Estate Group clients are Corporates, Promoters, Investors,  Investment Managers, Wealth Managers and Individuals, all of whom recognize  in Yous Real Estate Group a partner of choice thanks to our working model and our in-depth understanding of the Luxembourg and international Real Estate environment in Luxembourg and France.

We offer a one-stop-shop solution to our customers, enabling the promoter of a company or an investor to have all Real Estate Services under the same roof.



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